A Short Guide to Writing a Eulogy and ‘constructing’ a funeral service

Writing the eulogy for a loved one is a very personal experience and this section has been created as a support and starting point for those who wish to speak at the service.

It is impossible to sum up a life in a few minutes. However, we can tell stories and recall memories because a meaningful eulogy is more than a simple list of dates.

A well-written eulogy helps others call to mind their own special memories. Speak with close friends as well as other family members, as they may want to offer a few words or a precious memory, but feel unable to speak themselves.


Chronology: A brief historical account Stories

  • Talk about their background 
  • Date and place of birth
  • A little of their family history
  • Academic & career history
  • Courtship, Marriage and their own family
  • Sporting interests, achievements and hobbies

Display some photographs and life symbols

Photographs need not be recent, but only relevant to the characteristic of a person’s life. Other personal items, like a favourite hat, prized trophy, tennis racquet or golf club, can all help symbolise a life. The possibilities are limitless – “the form guide and reading glasses” is just one of many examples of this. Family members often bring these items and place them on or near the casket either before the service commences, or as part of the ceremony.

Candle Lighting and/or Flower Placement

The immediate family is invited forward early in the ceremony, to light a candle of remembrance, or place a flower on the casket, whilst a piece of reflective music is played. These are just a small example of the many options available to you, to make your loved one’s Funeral Ceremony a memorable and fitting Final Farewell.

Stories/Memories: A lighter look at your loved one’s life

Use quotes, poems, or anecdotes. Tell stories, both from your perspective, and others. Pose questions, and answer them. Discuss their struggles and goals. What did you love most about them? What did you learn from them?

Musical Interludes and Readings

A carefully chosen piece of music, or poetry, offers a chance to reflect during the ceremony. Along with a large and diverse music collection, I have a comprehensive library of poetry and readings, including religious and non-religious and offer selections in many genres.

Pictorial Tributes

This memorial tribute merges photographs with music and allows everyone present to enjoy a look at your loved one’s life in pictures