Where To Start

Many families find themselves in unfamiliar territory when faced with the death of a loved one. The combination of the actual loss with the myriad of things that needs to happen is often overwhelming.

Initial contact is made with the Funeral Director, who will lead you through the appropriate steps and the logistics of the funeral – time, place, venue and all things related.

Using A Celebrant

Families without connections to a Church often choose a Funeral Celebrant to conduct their service or ceremony as the more personalised approach offered is often preferred. Your funeral director will recommend a celebrant to you, whom they feel matches your needs; or you are free to select your own.

A Funeral Ceremony performed by a Celebrant allows you more scope and a greater variety of ways to pay tribute to your loved one.

This can be Formal or Informal; Indoor or Outdoor in a Chapel or Gardens; and include Music; Pictorial Tributes; Poetry and/or Religious readings (if required); Candle lighting and Flower Placement.

These, along with the many other options available and more specific to your needs can be discussed at the time of consultation.

I also offer a range of specialised services, including Commemorations and Dedications and invite you to contact me at your convenience, to discuss your requirements.